Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Instantly Move Selected Messages in

Being an early adopter never comes without cost. Now, with Leopard and its 3.0, plugins such as MailActOn unfortunately don't work.

For a quick workaround I fire up this AppleScript (using a hotkey assigned with iKey) to move the selected messages to my "Archive" folder. It can easily be tweaked to achieve similar functions:

tell application "Mail"
move the selection to mailbox "Archive"
end tell


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Jamie Phelps said...

FWIW, ActOn and other plugins do still work. Leopard just disables plugins by default the same way that Tiger did before it.

Tim Gaden has a post up about some popular plugins and their compatibility with Leopard at Hawk Wings. There are some other posts about specific plugins in the same general time period so you should check those out too.