Sunday, November 4, 2007

Enabling Bluetooth File Transfer on Leopard

Among the changes Leopard introduces is that unless you enable "Bluetooth Sharing" in the Sharing preferences panel, any attempt to send files to your Mac via BT fail. For me, this is a critical part of my GTD work flow, of voice memos from my mobile phone being transfered to my Mac for processing this way.

Outgoing transfers, which I hardly use, seemed to work regardless of
this setting.

Too bad Apple doesn't bring up some informative error message on such attempts and had me waste quite some time figuring this out :-(


FluffyArmada said...

Thanks for that. I've been having a hell of a time getting my podcast from my phone to my mac since I got leopard. :) It is pretty lame how they stuck the option in there and didn't tell anyone. And you're right, the error message sucks.

Anonymous said...

Also completely agree. No error message sucks, especially for something that would have worked in Tiger.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, i have been struggling for weeks with this.... Thanks once again, just wish apple gave better instructions

clare said...

thanks so much for the saved me hours of frustration...thank god for google and people like you!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks. this was an unnecessary complication.
we just upgraded to Leopard at work (i've had it at home for awhile) and i couldn't find the Print Center utility(it was preferring an ancient B&W unit but default) and i couldn't transfer pictures from camera wirelessly. the first is Admin rights only manageable, and you, thankfully, solved the other annoyance. i don't understand the Mac to device being free and clear, but not the other way.

Anonymous said...

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